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Book Review – Big Dog…Little Dog

It’s weird that you can completely love something and also forget about it at the same time. Last week, I was in a clients home and saw P.D. Eastman’s classic 1973 tale Big Dog…Little Dog. The book stars big Fred, who sports a green shirt (no pants) and little Ted, who wears a red shirt (again no pants). Upon rereading it again I quickly remembered why I thought it was awesome when I was a kid. The story features a scene in which Fred and Ted are motorists. Fred drives a green car with Fred on the sign and Ted’s is red with Ted on the side. Simply awesome. The plot is fairly straight forward as we learn that Fred and Ted are basically opposites. Fred has money, Ted does not, Fred drives slowly and Ted drives…that’s right, fast. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will let slip that it involves two hotel room beds, one big and one small. I will let you read this classic to see who ends up with which bed.

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