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For this weeks book review I have decided to review my son. Recently, LTD has picked up the baby book habit known as ‘read it again.’ Thankfully, they this behavior has been limited to short board books and not lengthy stories. The pattern goes like this, he thrusts a board book into my face while emitting a ‘emmmh’ sound. I begin to read the book to him and then he starts turning the pages not allowing me to finish the story. Then I, like a fool, put the book down. He then picks it up and the cycle repeats. The worst part of the whole situation is that when he isn’t turning the pages he starts off listening but then wanders off. My thinking at these times is that he is done with the story. Not so, much like a king toying with a jester, he will reprimand me if I stop reading. The last straw was yesterday when I was lying down in his room, trying to rest while he played. Out of nowhere he made it clear it was story time. How was it clear you ask? Well, he struck me in the head with Sandra Boynton’s Doggies. While my wounds healed I could only hope that in the future he will either listen to the story once or learn to read soon.

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