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Book Review – Hey! Wake Up!

The family has been on a bit of a Sandra Boynton kick as of late. Since LTD makes us ‘read’ books over and over to him, it’s nice to read ones that are quick and funny. Lately, he has been shoving Hey! Wake Up! in our face so we have been reading that to him. Again, just to be clear the word read is being used here in the loosest possible terms as he mostly listens for a few seconds then begins turning the pages and screaming. However, Hey! Wake Up! provides and excuse for The Mommy and me to get a few yells in ourselves. About six pages in, you get to read the line: Shout out loud: GOOD MORNING, SUN! HAPPY MORNING, EVERYONE! Now what is great about this line is not only that you can give a little scream right back at the kid, but you get to utter the phrase Happy Morning and feel British. Another thing that happens in the short story is that the rabbit is constantly eating broccoli for breakfast and lunch and the rhino thinks it’s disgusting. Not bad for a book if you have to read it one million times a day.

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