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Baby Sit N Spin

When I was a young lad I never had a Sit N Spin of my own, but was happy to use it when visiting friends. I remember thinking it looked awesome, but wasn’t actually as exciting as I wanted it to be. However, LTD has taken any decision The Mommy and me would have to make in the future about whether or not we would get him a Sit N Spin. On his own he has designed and built his own Sit N Spin using only his butt. For the last few weeks the little guy will sit on the hardwood floors and spin himself around in a few circles using his feet as a rudimentary propulsion system. Occasionally, he will reverse position and spin from a squatting stance using his arms to move himself in a circle. The whole thing is pretty funny to watch and also makes me happy that there is one small thing I don’t have to spend money on. As long as LTD enjoys being a human Sit N Spin, I can save myself a trip to the store.

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