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The Offering

LTD has been toying with me for the last few weeks. Perhaps torturing me would be a more accurate word. Whether it is food, a toy or his blanket he keeps offering it to me and when I go to take it, he withdraws the item. Most of the time when it comes to food I don’t really get mad because I don’t really want what he is eating or what he has done to it. However, the other day he was munching on some delicious watermelon and he offered it to me with this accompanying signature sound of ‘ifmm.’ I go to take a bite and he pulls the thing back and puts it in his own mouth. Just brutal.

When it comes to toys or books I also really don’t mind his cruel game because again I don’t really want the book or toy. Yet, he has grown even more powerful with his vindictive practices. Yesterday I was lying on the floor of his room using his blanket as a pillow. I was barely relaxed when he whipped the blanket out from under my head. I looked up at him and he promptly offered the blanket back to me while laughing. I thought it might be a trick but was really tired and wanted to trust him. Like Charlie Brown to Lucy, I was betrayed as he kept the blanket from me over and over again. Don’t worry folks, my payback will be sweet even if it is a long time coming. Sure, you can borrow the car, oh wait no you can’t.

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