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Product Review – Together Tunes Block

LTD’s great aunt hooked him up with the Together Tunes Block by Neurosmith for his first birthday and as Year One Week continues the block represents his development. Each side of the cube plays the following songs when you face the side up: If You’re Happy and You Know it, 5 Little Monkeys, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, Pop! Goes the Weasel. Each side also features a graphic representation of the song and sports Velcro flaps to explore further. I usually make the little guy keep the Pop! Goes the Weasel side face up, as that song seems the coolest. Also, a weasel pops out like a jack in the box, which really makes the song come alive.

Now that LTD is past his first birthday, he interacts with the block in fun ways. He knows how to flip it over when I flip it to Pop, Goes the Weasel and he knows how to open the Velcro to get at the different felt tags and the knob wheels from the bus side. Perhaps the only draw back of the Together Tunes Block is that, at night, when I’m returning the living room back to adult friendly mode when I pick up the block to move it, it of course plays a song.

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