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Product Review – Pull Toy Dino

The other day, The Mommy demanded that I review Red Frog’s Dino Pull Toy. I inquired as to the reason for the urgent nature of her request. She told me that LTD ‘really loves that thing.’ The pull toy features a soft velour stuffed red dinosaur and wooden wheels. When you glance at the thunder lizard on first blush you enjoy the home made appearance Vermont’s Rich Frog put into it, but you may also feel like the wheels won’t spin correctly. You would be wrong. Even though it looks handcrafted the wheels spin as if designed by German auto engineers. I think LTD digs the dino because it is soft and he has become a big fan of all things soft. Rich Frog features a ton of other animal pull toys, but you have to love a red dinosaur with blue spots sporting a big goofy toothy grin. I imagine this is the first in a long line of dinosaurs that LTD will acquire throughout his journey towards manhood and it will be nice to remind him, when he is older, that his first one was red and silly.

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