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Product Review – Mozart Magic Cube

Last weekend, The Mommy and I took LTD to a local fair. In order to keep him away from the carneys we took him to the tag sale tent. They had a toys only tent and while we were there, they wanted to close up without having to pack anything up. So they handed us paper shopping bags and demanded that we fill them to the brim and we could have the bag for a buck. The Mommy and I went a little overboard and didn’t even know what half the stuff we got was until we got home. One of the big scores was a Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. This block of flashing musical squares is all the rage in certain circles and The Mommy had wanted one for a long time. I have to admit the thing is pretty cool.

The cube features, harp, flute, French horn, piano and violin individual instrument buttons and one orchestra button. If you hit one side it plays that instrument and if you hit another side it adds that instrument to the mix. The jury is still out about the whole Mozart helping kids learn thing, but the cube is neat if only for the technical coolness it displays compared to some of his lifeless toys. I will also add that by playing Mozart my ears don’t hurt and my brain doesn’t go bonkers like when he plays with a few of his beeping, siren toys.

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