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Okay, So That Wasn’t The Last Straw

Now that LTD is a little over 13 months, The Mommy and I can safely reflect on all the recent changes to his body, his mind and his routine. Welcome to Year One Week. At our one-year doctor’s visit, the good doc informed us of many new things that should and will happen regarding the little guy. One area he stressed was that we should begin to phase out the bottle and adopt the straw. He added that the so-called sippy cup was really just a glorified bottle and the straw was the way to go. We learned that the straw helps babies learn to drink and doesn’t mess up their growing mouth and teeth.

The Mommy and I picked up The Nûby NO-SPILL soft silicone straw with hygienic Flip-it cover cup on the recommendation of a friend and LTD took to it like a duck to water. The only problem with the flip top is that every time I open the thing milk flings into my face. So now I open it like a rocket launcher, away from me. Thankfully, LTD’s transition to the straw was hassle free and now can pretty much drink from our straws when we are enjoying healthy drinks like The Mommy’s smoothies or my DQ milkshakes.

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