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No, The Other Thing I’m Pointing At

My buddy John has two boys under the age of four and once I asked him how he was doing. He went down the list of usual things from the fact that he hasn’t slept in three years to the total amount of jumping that goes on in his home. One thing he mentioned has come to pass in our own life with LTD. He said one frustrating development occurred when his boys were to young to talk but old enough to know what they wanted. They manifested their desires through pointing and screaming. Well, call John a modern day Nostradamus because he predicted the future. For some time now LTD has been pointing at things and making his ‘ehnn’ sounds. It’s no big deal when we are outside due to the fact that he points at everything from the sidewalk to the sky and while I did promise him the moon I can’t really hand him the sky. However, when we are at home and he sits in his high chair during supper his pointing can get complicated. The guessing games and picking up objects through trial and error isn’t really fun. Yet, unless he can actually talk and the whole thing is a prank on his part, The Mommy and me will have no choice but to continue to hand him his milk only to have it batted away because it turns out he wanted my house keys.

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