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Hey Mr. DJ

This has only happened a handful of times so I don’t know if it qualifies for a pattern yet, but it was pretty funny so it goes in the history books. A few weeks ago, LTD and I were in a trendy store getting The Mommy her Mother’s Day gift. The little guy was in his stroller chilling. We got to the store just as they were opening and waited as they set up the store and found the gift LTD selected (who knew the little guy already knew about Stella McCartney perfume). I pushed him around the store and put him in front of a huge mirror to keep him occupied. The next thing I know they turn on the music and since the store had been very quiet, the music was very noticeable. Being a trendy store, they played some sort of hip electronica like a Lady Gaga remix or some such tune. The beat was rocking and I catch LTD in the mirror and what is he doing? That’s right true believers he was bouncing up and down to the beat. Needless to say it was truly wicked funny.

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