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Hey, Let’s Have a Little Less Moo and a Lot More Milk

Year One Week continues with a massive shout out and thank you to The Mommy. She officially finished breast-feeding LTD and despite the hassles of pumping during the workday made it to just shy of the one-year mark. No more nightly sterilizing the pump and no more defrosting frozen milk. So once again hats off to The Mommy may she have her body back in peace. At our one year check up the doc told us that we would be transitioning the little guy from breast to whole cow’s milk. Thankfully, that process went smoothly with LTD taking to whole milk with ease and joy.

Babies need whole milk for the fat and calories to meet their growing nutritional needs. We use organic whole milk for him and organic skim for us. The Mommy and feel the extra price is worth it because the hormones they put in milk can screw up growing bodies pretty good. Plus we don’t want the little guy to get big boobs and we certainly don’t want him to get them early. Truthfully, the jury is still out on the rule hormones play, but since the organic milk exists we choose to drink it at home exclusively. Out of the house, I’m sure DQ milkshakes use non-organic milk, but I am willing to have my bra size increase if it means having a delicious treat.

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