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Book Review – Counting Colors

Year One Week ends it’s legendary run with a big bright book. Priddy Books Treasure Hunt Counting Colors is officially for the two-year-old set, but LTD has taken to it just fine. The Grandma hooked the little guy up with this large-format picture book during the holidays and now he has taken a shine to it. The publication features one color per splash page and shows items in that color. For instance on the green pages we see a frog, an apple, a lizard, tractors and leaves. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Counting Colors is that it includes the colors black and white. Black cat to white rabbit. The goal of the book is to count and find the hidden objects, but of course the little guy has only mastered turning the pages. In fact with most books that’s pretty much all he does, but with Counting Colors due to the overwhelming number of things on each splash page he focuses for a lot longer than with other tomes.

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