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Book Review – Isabel’s Car Wash

The pedigree of Isabel’s Car Wash is heavy. The 2008 book was written by Sheila Bair and illustrated by Judy Stead. I know what you’re thinking, never heard of them. Well, Ms. Bair has a day job other children’s book author. She has a low stress career as the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). And Judy Stead is also the illustrator of HALLOWEEN MAKES ME BATTY! The book is way, way above LTD’s pay grade, but since it’s subject matter deals with financial security I want to get to him before he starts spending all my schmoola.

For some reason Isabel wants a doll, but it costs 10 big ones and all she has is fifty cents. As you can guess from the title she figures out a way to earn the rest of the doll dough. The story teaches about the values of hard work and the importance of saving and investing money. The best part of the book is that it isn’t preachy or complicated. I read the book to LTD and then quiz him afterward. So far the lesson he has taken away is that the dog gets angry when you bite her tail.

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  • sounds like a great book for my 5 yr old son that thinks money magically appears (my fault i admit) – getting harder and harder to teach the value of money these days!