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The Wobbly Wheel

As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know, one of the only places open after I drop off The Mommy at her carpool is the grocery store. I like the market because I can put LTD in the shopping cart and thus save my back from having to carry him around. However, as nice as the Stop N Shop is, they still suffer from the same affliction I have noticed befalls any store that uses shopping carts. The safety straps are always broken. I don’t know what people are doing to these things, but the condition of the cart straps is just brutal. They are either frayed, missing or warped. I know that straps spend a lot of time outside yet their destruction seems like a growth industry. I would suspect a plot of I didn’t think the real simple truth was that some people are just rotten and like rotten apples they ruin it for the rest of the bunch. However, I would like to commend my local Stop N Shop for recently replacing many destroyed straps with brand new one. Now if only they could do something about the one cart with the broken wheel it seems I always get.

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