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TGIF, Yeah Right

Back in the day, Friday’s used to be a day of celebration. At five o’clock on a Friday you knew you were free. We are talking about Friday the payday and Friday the day to go out for happy hour with your co-workers. Sadly, for me Friday as a magical day is gone. Why? Because now when five o’clock on Friday hits I am burned out. At the end of the week, I am in the weeds as the 50 plus hours I spend taking care of LTD take their toll. Also, Friday used to mean that the next day you could sleep in and didn’t have to face rush hour traffic. Well, my weekend morning routine is now the same as my weekday routine minus the traffic. So I have lost my special Fridays and all I got in return was the fact that yesterday my son hugged me for the first time. Yeah, all right, we’ll call it even.

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