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Purple Nurple

Beyond the Car Seat’s Body Part Week enters day two with a fan favorite. Nipples. Recently, LTD has been reading the book, Why Do Men Have Nipples and asking himself a lot of tough questions. In that regard he has been doing his own research by grabbing his nipples and playing with them for what The Mommy and I feel is a disturbingly long length of time. Again, with all things LTD he doesn’t do it all that much and even goes days without nipple contact. However, when he does remember that they are there he goes to town. The first time he discovered them it became an obsession to such a degree that he pulled the front of his onesie so far down to get at the goods that the garment didn’t survive. Perhaps what has been most interesting about the whole affair is not that he discovered his nipples and plays with them, but that he plays so rough. One wonders if he thinks they can come off because he sure is trying to get them to.

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