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Product Review – Playhut’s Megaland

Beyond the Car Seat’s Body Part Week Product Review involves LTD’s arms and legs. Okay, that is a bit of a stretch, but he does crawl into the fort created by Playhut’s Megaland. The fort is created by a series of pop up cube tent and tube structures that are made out of thin tent and mesh material. After observing LTD play for a long time with one at a party, The Mommy suggested we pick one up for home use as LTD’s social calendar is empty after first birthday party season has ended. The Megaland parts fold up flat and all fit in a medium sized bag, which is impressive. What is not so impressive is how long it takes me and my team of trained monkeys to get the parts to actually fold up correctly and fit neatly in the bag.

The Megaland comes with 50 baseball sized plastic balls designed to create a poor man’s ball pit inside one of the cubes. During daily use I put the balls away as I don’t want to spend all night picking them up from under the couch and the coffee table. I also mostly keep one cube out at a time or the two tunnels rarely setting up the entire fort structure. While in it’s completed form the Megaland is a fully operational battle station, it is a bit big to keep up in our living room. One added benefit of the Megaland that we have noticed is that the dog loves it too.

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