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Product Review – Panda Door Pinch Guard

When wandering in the world of baby products it is very easy for your head to be overwhelmed and your wallet to be emptied. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to find something that is useful, simple and affordable. I present the Panda Door Pinch Guard. This three-dollar piece of panda shaped foam goes on top of the door and prevents the door from slamming shut on a baby’s little fingers. The only thing LTD loves more than swinging doors shut is to swing them shut in my face. Also, he has an affinity for shutting me in the closet. The panda gives the door a little over an inch of space to avoid hearing a high-pitched scream of pain. In theory when the little guy is older the panda will stop him from locking himself in. However, since the panda is an inexpensive piece of foam I imagine it wouldn’t hold up too well under heavy use, but for now in our house it is not an endangered species.

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  • I saw these at the Stamford BB&B…kinda look like those Mickey Mouse ice cream pops. But they’re pandas. 🙂