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Product Review – Boon Frog

I usually a not a fan of too cool for school trendy products. However, I will say that we use the Boon Frog in our bathtub and while it may be considered “hip” I haven’t seen a product like it. The frog suction cups to the tub/bathroom wall and allows you to put all the tub time toys inside the scoop. You don’t have to use suction cups and instead mount with adhesive or screws, but suction cups just feel right for the bathroom area. The whole reason the frog is designed the way it is, is due to the holes in the scoop to allow easy drainage. Tub toys equal mildew if you don’t act responsibly and swiftly. In fact, Boon is so mildew adverse the foam floating shapes, that come separately, don’t have holes so no water seeps inside. I think they want us to use the scoop to well, scoop up the toys from the water. We have never used the scoop as we still use the PRIMO EuroBath and the scoop is not necessary.

I would offer one word of warning. Like anything involving water and suction cups, if you load too much weight on the frog it will come off the wall and make a loud scary noise as it bounces around the tub. It has only happened once, but the crash was loud enough to scare me straight. I think once LTD starts using the big boy tub the scoop should be fun to use. Until then the frog stands silent vigil against the chaos and excitement of bath toy fun.

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