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I Hope Linus Doesn’t Sue

When a baby hits his first year and starts moving around looking pretty much like a toddler you get a certain picture of how the scene should look. Well, a few weeks ago LTD threw his hat into the ring of classic kid images. He discovered the blanket. He hasn’t entered Linus from Peanuts territory yet, but the whole thing is pretty funny. His weapon of choices is an ultra soft fleece job that is light green with white piping. The little guy also has a new mantra, soft is good. He also has a blanket in the car and one in the living room. The good news is that he hasn’t become addicted to it, but I can see how the habit develops. Sometimes when he sees the blanket he almost dives into it face first. When he grabs the blanket and hugs it he smiles his big grin and looks so happy that I’m thinking of selling blankets on the street corner to make some easy cash. For now all is good and The Mommy and I are hoping it never gets the point were we have to start reading the baby book chapter on how to just say no to the blanket.

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  • Just watch the “woobie burning” scene from Mr. Mom…You can take away some tips from Michael Keaton!