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Hats Off to You, Sir

As a general rule, I don’t usually wear a ball cap and indeed for most of my life I never did. However, three years ago at my wedding, my boys saw fit to finally get me a worthy crown or more accurately they got my wife one. During the wedding reception my groomsmen decided to arrange a little tribute for me. The three of them know more than most my devotion to all things Magnum, PI related and so in his honor they had my new wear a Tom Selleck mask and Detroit Tigers baseball hat. I know what you’re thinking, and your wrong it worked perfectly and wasn’t at all weird. Anyway, I kept the hat and wear it when the sun is bright and my hair is sticking up. My point for opening up this can of worms is that a certain baby has taken to stealing my lucky hat and claiming it’s power for himself.

Whether it’s putting him in his car seat or changing his diaper, when I’m wearing my Magnum hat around LTD it doesn’t stay on my dome long. Not only does he grab it off my head he laughs while he is doing it. Does he try to wear it, no he does not, he of course tries to eat it. I think he likes the little button on top. On the surface it seems harmless, but sometimes I just want to wear my hat and he makes doing that simple thing impossible. In the be careful what you wish for category, let’s see how much he likes it when I get him his own junior sized Tigers hat, make him fall in love with it and then I’ll try and eat it. I learned revenge from the two-part season three Magnum episodes, Did You See the Sunrise?

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