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Everyone’s a Comedian

The recent death of stage and screen legend June Havoc have got me thinking about LTD’s new career path. It seems he too would like to star as a Vaudeville baby. Sadly, I don’t have the heart to tell him that there is no more Vaudeville and his jokes aren’t really all that funny. Here is what he has come up with so far for his routine. When he is drinking his bottle he sometimes tries to stick it in my mouth, I humor him and pretend to drink and then he laughs hysterically, repeat. I mean this thing really makes him laugh. I think it would be hard for him to open for Sinbad at the Chuckle Hut in Parsippany, NJ because nobody really likes a prop comic and he laughs at his own jokes. Also, the more I think about his act, it is more of a ventriloquist thing making me the dummy.

The second joke in his act is even less exciting and it has only happened once. I was on the floor speaking on the phone while The Mommy was watching him. LTD came up to me and kept putting his ear on my mouth, making it so I couldn’t use the phone and laughing at The Mommy the whole time. While I like the fact that he is actually inventing jokes, I’m a little disappointed that he seems to becoming a hack. Now I get to spend my days fearing for the moment he gets his first joke book and asks me where a Vampire keeps his money. Duh, the blood bank. PS. I should have posted this entry on April Fools Day, but I’m so tired I forgot.

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