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Can You Hear me Now?

You know you have entered the digital age when your baby has three cell phones. Okay, of course they are toy cell phones but the fact that he has three makes him look like one of those sales guys who lives out of their car. To be honest one of his phones looks like an old school Nokia and he doesn’t play with it all that much as he much prefers the flip models. His mobile phones are pretty advanced, the screens change to feature a different animal and the buttons make noise. One of the phones even rings, which I must admit allowed me to play a trick on LTD’s Nana. The little guy also has unlimited texting which is great because he keeps hitting the buttons furiously.

I do have one concern when it comes to LTD’s cell phone use and that is that on all the phones when you hit a certain button a female voice says, I love you. Now I want to know how these different women got his number and why they call him all the time? I knew I would have to worry about sexting and the dangers of the camera phone, but I didn’t know I would have to worry about it when he turned one. In the end I can only try to take comfort in the fact that LTD is on our friends and family plan and do his cell bill isn’t too expensive.

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