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Book Review – Bright Baby Bumpers Animals

Books have presented LTD with a good news/ bad news situation. He has been banned from anything but board books, but has free range of before mentioned board books. One particular board book I like to show him is the Animals edition of Priddy Books Bright Baby Bumpers series. The book feature as the title suggested very bright colors with an animal on each page. However, my real plan with this book is to indoctrinate the little guy into a cult I have invented. Since there is an animal on each page when you spread open the book two animals are revealed at once. When I show LTD the book I only let him look at Frog/Tiger. I’m hoping his mind and sould will grow to become loyal only to my Frog/Tiger cult. My plan has only one flaw that I know of, LTD looks at the book without me and so he sees the other animals including the penguin, lion and macaw. Thus my brainwashing system is imperfect, which is probably for the best because The Mommy has demonstrated her contempt for my cult through painful stares and pursed lips.

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