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Book Review – Benjy’s Dog House

I know what you’re thinking, I have never heard of the book Benjy’s Dog House. Well, the good news is now you have. The book matters because not only does the dog in the story share my namesake, but also it was published in the year of my birth, 1973. Author, illustrated and Canadian Margaret Bloy Graham first achieved fame by illustrating Harry the Dirty Dog written by her then husband Gene Zion. While a book of the seventies the style is clearly older and has a very fifties vibe.

The plot follows Benjy the dog and his new dog house. His family feels he is too grown up to sleep in their beds with them, so they decide to give a brand new doghouse outside. Why the father thinks it’s a good idea to convert an old apple barrel into a doghouse, I have no idea, but Benjy is no fool and he hates it. This being a children’s book, Benjy of course takes off the first night he is suppose to sleep in the barrel and has a series of adventures. In the end of course, I think we all know what happens and where Benjy will continue to sleep.

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