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Book Review – Touch and Feel Farm

To conclude Body Part Week I give you the Cadillac of board books, Dwell Studio’s Touch and Feel Farm. For those keeping score the body part in question is hands. Our friends Mike and Sarah got LTD this book for his first birthday and it reflects their champagne tastes and lifestyle. Since Dwell is a home decor studio about fancy casa stuff their foray into books is no less fancy. Touch and Feel Farm is nicer than the little guy’s other board books, but tastes the same. The book offers the same type soft touch pads like sheep, pig and cow, but is much sleeker and features a cleaner look than other board books. The words are simple and short telling the child what to touch and or feel. However, in the end there is only one reason to pick up Touch and Feel Farm. The last page features suede to touch with the caption reading, ‘Touch the Cow, Do it Now.’ I submit to you that saying that demand out loud is well worth the higher than other books price tag.

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