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A Journey of Self Discovery

In the back of your mind when you have a baby boy you know at some point he is going to find it. What you can never prepare for is how you are going to react. Well, day four of Body Parts Week answers that question. I’m not going to lie, the first time it happened I laughed pretty hard. I assume I laughed so hard because he didn’t just discover it for the first time he tried to destroy it. Talk about playing rough. Now his changing table adventures range from gentle to smash while he has added his two other new friends to the party. The Mommy and I race to put on the new diaper before he can really go to town, but occasionally he will now try to pull the new diaper off. And in the nothing is ever easy category he sometimes reaches for his region while one of us is changing a poo diaper and again, I’m not going to lie, what you think gets on his hand gets on it.

The bright spot in this paradigm shift is that LTD’s obsession with his bits and pieces seems to only apply to the changing table. It appears that when he is exposed he remembers that they are down there, but doesn’t feel he has to explore during non business hours. The Mommy and I are taking the situation a day at a time and feel for the time being having ‘the talk’ with him would fall on deaf ears.

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