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Year One

The Mommy and I have recently achieved a milestone, Year One. I don’t mean that bad Jack Black movie; I mean the landmark passage of one calendar year of being parents. Over the past few weeks as friends and family have been offering warm birthday wishes to LTD, I literally struggle to remember what my life was like before the little guy entered the scene. LTD reaches new levels of development seemingly daily and it is hard to wrap my noodle around the fact that a year ago it was a major event if he pooped more than once a week. Now every day brings the possibility that he will walk or say mommy or daddy for the first time.

While it has been 365 days since The Mommy and I put our names down on the birth certificate proving we were now parents it seems like it has also been that long since I got seven hours of sleep in a row. I don’t even want to think about the number of diapers I have changed or the number of times the little guy has screamed in my ear. However, (and of course, you knew this was coming) I wouldn’t change any of it. LTD is an awesome baby and I can’t wait to see what adventures we have on our journey to year two.

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