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What’s So Dog Gone Funny?

Dog Week continues with an exposé into why the dog always makes the baby laugh. I could see if the dog was juggling or doing magic it might make a baby laugh, but we are talking about two things happening, the dog walking past LTD and LTD laughing. For some reason it mainly happens when I’m carrying the baby down the stairs and the dog is following behind. The little guy will crane his neck to look at the dog and start laughing. He then sticks his hand out towards the dog and then laughs some more. I guess we could assume that to him the dog seems like a living stuffed animal, which for a baby must seem pretty cool. However, I predict in the future he won’t be laughing so much when I make him walk the dog and pick up her dirty business. Sadly, those days are a few years off and so today it is a heavy head that wears the crown.

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