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Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Not on Oprah

These days change is coming fast and furious in the baby universe. LTD was crawling for a brief time when he decided it was too boring. He wanted a better view of the living room, so he spends his days cruising around the couch and coffee table. He has also decided to flex his muscles in other ways by exercising his force of will. If you try to get him to sit when he is standing or cruising he demonstrates with extreme prejudice just who really is in charge. He steamrolls over any obstacle in his way, including me, on his journey from one end of the couch to the other. If you want to hear a baby scream, pick him up when he is crawling towards the TV and turn him in another direction. Did I say TV? I meant the dog dish, the coat rack, the dinning room chairs, the dog crate, the hutch, the stairs. The blockades and gates have been brought in and now our living room looks like East Berlin during the cold war. We put the dog as the guard at Checkpoint Charlie, but she is lax in her duty. The price of having a baby, not unlike freedom, is eternal vigilance.

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