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Product Review – Dream Baby Tall Hallway Gate

Dog Week continues with a product that kills two birds with one stone. Since our dog, LZ was our practice baby we had to take steps early on to keep her out of her favorite place in the house, the kitchen. Her lust for all things food (and lets face it things that used to be food, but are now wicked gross) forced us to install a gate to keep her away from the kitchen. We have been using the Dream Baby Tall Gate for many years now and when the baby arrived we were psyched that there was one baby product we didn’t need to buy.

Since we have the tall gate, the dog can’t jump over it into the kitchen, something she would surely do if we had a smaller gate. I won’t lie and say that I have never knocked into the gate and really hurt myself, but thankfully those incidents are few and far between. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and occasionally I will turn around to see the dog in the kitchen, which makes me angry, but proud that she is so fast. Now that LTD follows us wherever we go, the gate provides him with cheap entertainment as he stands at the gate making it clack and clang. The only drawback to the tall gate is that when come out of the kitchen with two hot plates I can’t step over and have to get creative to open the gateway.

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