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Product Review – Pull Along Cowboy by Sevi

Sevi was founded in Italy in 1831 and that is why their pull toys for one-year olds, look like they should be in a museum. The Mommy put the Pull Along Cowboy on the floor so that LTD could enjoy it and I found myself saying to her, what are you doing? He is going to wreck it. The whole concept behind toys is for kids (and adults) to play with them, it literally is their reason for existing and when you have such a well made and beautiful toy there is a danger that you can’t really use it as intended for fear of breaking it. Another danger lies with the baby not ‘appreciating’ the toy properly, which I know sounds insane, but when you see him treat the Cowboy the same way he treats the stacking cups you want to tell him to stop. I know he is a baby but he should be able to tell the difference between simple blocks and a hand painted cowboy with a felt hat. I guess all of this is a lengthy way of saying that I’m taking all this toy stuff too seriously and need to focus on other areas; areas where unlike most things having to do with the baby I have at least one percent control. I’ll let you know when I find one of those areas.

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