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Product Review – Muddy Pigs

LTD has really started to come into his own in the bathtub. In addition to splashing, which is always a treat, he has taken to playing with the various bath time toys available to him. One such item found in the “clean, but not kosher” category is Munchkin’s Muddy Pigs. Now I know what you’re thinking, why are the pigs muddy if they go in the bath? That’s actually the point. Designed to get kids used to the joys of bath time the mud on the pigs magically disappears in warm water. The idea is that the little guy will use the included washcloth to clean the pigs. LTD is still to young to understand how to use the cloth, but The Mommy and I are so starved for culture that watching the mud vanish was like seeing Lance Burton perform in Vegas.

The pigs also come with a hidden trick that for me is more exciting than the disappearing mud. The pigs have tiny holes in their mouths that turn them into squirting swine. I don’t know about the little guy, but I get a kick out of turning the other white meat into something that is basically a squirt gun. And yes, I did accidentally hit The Mommy with a stream of warm soapy water and yes, I did pay for it. For now, LTD is too little to use the pigs as squirters, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds. That is if I can stop being such a “hog” and let him use them every once in a while.

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