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Product Review – Alex Jr. First Snaps

The First Snaps from Alex Jr. are 14 molecule shaped snaps that fit together like, well, molecules. To be more accurate they fit like molecules found in a baby’s mouth since the little guy wastes no time in inserting them into his waiting orifice. What usually happens during playtime is that I build a chain of snaps and LTD takes them apart. Another thing that happens during playtime is the same thing that happens when I give the little guy any toy, he plays with the container it comes in a lot longer than he plays with the toy. The snaps come in a large clear plastic jar and he loves the thing.

Since the snaps are shaped like atomic particles they provide an excellent tool to teach LTD about where he came from originally. We discuss chromosomes and DNA and afterward he tries to eat the visual aids. The cool thing about pieces that fit together and go in a bucket is that they provide a nice distraction if LTD is wandering towards the dog dish. When you dump out all the snaps and make noise with the container he is drawn like a moth to a flame. As he grows it will be interesting to see if he ever gets the hang of putting the snaps together himself.

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