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LZ Come and Get it

With Dog Week nearing an end, I would be remiss if I didn’t really re-enforce the fact that our dog, LZ, loves food. Most of the time this craving is a pain in the butt when The Mommy and I want to have a meal at home or a heaven forbid a party. For years the rallying cry has been LZ off. However, with the baby eating food under his own power the dog’s addiction has been our ticket to avoiding the vacuum or broom. Now when the baby drops (or more accurately throws) food on the floor instead of yelling LZ off we get to say LZ come. With the exception of avocados and raisins, the dog is our little baby clean up machine. As I have mentioned before, too bad the pooch can’t also clean the baby’s face after each meal, but I am told the practice is considered “mal vu.”

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