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LTD Finally Lives Up to His Name

Beyond the Car Seat readers have long known that LTD stands for Little Tax Deduction and now that our 2009 taxes have been submitted to ‘The Man,’ I am pleased to announced that LTD has earned his keep. Not only did we get a nice deduction, but we also got a tax credit. I know what a deduction is, but I have no idea what a tax credit is. Guess what, I don’t even want to know. After meeting with my great accountant the only thing I wanted to know is how much schmoola would be going into my coola. I must say I was pleased with the amount and you have to love the Direct Deposit. I would however caution anyone against having kids just for the deduction; the math doesn’t end up in your favor even a little bit. Yet, I will thank Uncle Sam for keeping LTD in diapers and in the lifestyle to which he has become accustom.

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