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Doc, I Got A Problem, My Feet Smell and My Nose Runs

We are deep into the winter months and as the storms grow fiercer so does LTD’s nasal congestion. Yes, I speak of the dreaded runny nose. Since Beyond the Car Seat is a family publication, I will refrain from using the words, snot or booger and instead go with the correct medical term of mucous. When I speak of the runny nose I am referring to only half of the problem. There are times when the little guy’s nose isn’t runny, but standing still. If you want to hear a baby scream try wiping his nose when it has dried mucous in it. The more I write about this the more I think it is gross, so I will just finish with this. The Mommy and I have to tag team LTD in order to use the saline drops on him because the combination of his hands flying everywhere and his head whipping back and forth make it a two-person job. I mean we are trying to help him clear his nasal passages and he acts like we’re water boarding him.

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