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Book Review – Little Lion

There are certain items in your home you grab when the baby is having a meltdown. These are the arrows in your quiver that you know usually calm the kid down. One such item for The Mommy and me is Little Lion, a Finger Puppet Book. This small board book features a finger puppet lion that sticks out through as you turn the pages. For some reason this book cracks up LTD and really holds his attention. The story, like many at this level, is simple but pleasant. The little lion is alone and while he may be king he still needs friends. Of course, the different jungle animals join him so he doesn’t need to abdicate the throne and wander the plains as a nomad. Now that LTD is almost a year old, there is a hidden danger in using the finger puppet book. Lion may be king of the jungle, but LTD is the shark of our house and he occasionally likes to bite the lion. The lion doesn’t seem to mind, but my finger takes exception.

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