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Super Bawl XLIV

LTD spent his first Super Bowl intercepting The Mommy and I from having a good time. He was cranky all day Sunday, but we figured getting out of the house would do us all good so we took a gamble and went over to my buddy Brian’s house to enjoy the game with his HD projector and huge screen. LTD spent the first half enjoying the festivities, then because he was rooting for the Saints and they were down at the half he got pretty angry. His meltdown began slowly as I walked around with him to try and quiet him down allowing me to only miss two big plays. As the game got more and more exciting he got more and more upset. The Mommy and I decided we would be enjoying the game from the car radio as we left Brian to not only watch the game, but listen to it without the screams of an angry baby.

We arrived home during the middle of the fourth quarter and once LTD was back in a familiar setting he was able to fall asleep with Winnie the Pooh in his crib. A few rounds of Motrin and Tums later The Mommy and I watched the end of the game. It was awesome that the Saints won, but as a father what made it nice for me was to see a teary eyed MVP Drew Brees holding his son on the field. What was even cooler was that some really smart person had his son wear big noise blocking headphones. Now if only I had thought of that.

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