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Playing tricks on an adult can often be misinterpreted as rude, but pulling a fast one on a baby just saves you money. I’m not talking about orchestrating and running some complicated con game on your baby; I’m suggesting you can use his or her naïve baby sense to save yourself a trip to the toy store. The Mommy and I read this suggestion somewhere and it has worked out pretty well. We take a few of LTD’s toys out of rotation and put them away. After a month or so, we swap them for his current toy line up and he thinks they are new toys, a slight variation on my mother’s K-Mart trick from the late Seventies. She would leave me in the toy aisle while she did her shopping (relax stranger danger peeps, this was the Seventies) and when it was time to go I was happy to leave having played with all the Star Wars stuff I could get my hands on. However, it was only later in the day I realized she never actually bought me a toy.

As far as I can tell the only downside to this plan is that I like getting new toys for the little guy, most aren’t really that expensive and I can pretend I’m buying stuff for my self. He gets a Matchbox Ferrari I get the illusion that I now own a Ferrari. A win win. In some cases we don’t even need to swap in the new toys as he has taken to playing with the dog dish, the end of the rug, the remote control and my iphone.

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