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Product Review – ECO Fragrance Free Wipes

LTD eats like a horse now and everything that goes in has to come out eventually. It turns out that eventually is roughly every six hours. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it feels like the little guy does go poo all the time since he started eating all sorts of new and interesting foods. I have come to appreciate the silent soldier in my war against poo, the Nature Babycare ECO wipes. The Mommy picked them because of their environmental benefits and I like the fact that they don’t have a flower smell. I have found in my travels that scented bathroom products don’t hide the smell of poo only make an unnatural combination called a pooflower.

The wipes are also chlorine free which is good since some people feel the same properties that make chlorine great at destroying bad things in water can also destroy the sensitive skin that covers the surface of babies. My only sadness regarding the wipes is that if I am using them it means the presence of poo.

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