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Product Review – Corner Cushions

The Mommy and I put off doing a hardcore baby proofing of the house because truthfully for a long time the little guy wasn’t moving around at all and we wanted our living room to look normal for as long as possible. However, as always baby’s in charge and so we have begun the process of baby proofing our home. Today, I put in the outlet covers and soon The Mommy and I will have to get down on our hands and knees to conduct an LTD point of view survey of the house to figure out what else needs to be done. One of the things The Mommy and I did do early on because it was simple and quick to do was to put Corner Cushions on the TV stand.

The TV stand’s corners were something pre-baby we never thought about it in any meaningful way, but once we were on the floor a lot playing with LTD, the corners looked awful sharp and scary. We put all four on the front top and bottom of the piece and I have to say that the balanced look doesn’t make the piece of furniture look stupid. In fact, after a few days we forgot there was a time when the TV stand didn’t have Corner Cushions. Next step, crib guards and coffee table cushions.

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