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Product Review – Tooth Tissues

A wise man once said that with great power comes great responsibility. An even wiser man said, if you take care of your teeth they will take care of you. LTD sports eight little chompers now and since he can’t take care of them, The Mommy and I must do it for him. Sadly, I confess that I have transferred my forgetting to floss my own teeth to forgetting to clean his. We have this little rubber thing that goes on your finger that looks like the thing that helps you sort office papers, but he bites down on it crushing your finger and you have to wash it after each use. When we do remember to clean his pearly whites, we use Tooth Tissues by My Dentist’s Choice. These disposable wipes were designed by two parents who happen to be…wait for it…dentists. The wipes are fluoride and paraben-free because some research has shown that babies shouldn’t’ have too much fluoride; instead the wipes use xylitol, known as nature’s little cavity warrior. I think because they are wipes we remember to use them. Since we spend so much time wiping different parts of the little guy, it fits nicely with the pattern. The next step is taking him to his first dentist appointment. I’m excited about it since kids and dentists go together like floss and me forgetting to.

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