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I Want to Hug You and Squeeze You and…

When LTD was born many people sent gifts which we were grateful for and among those gifts were unbelievably cute stuffed animals. Because we couldn’t put anything in his crib, the stuffed lined his bookshelf like members of a high school football team waiting to be picked to go in. The other day LTD was old enough to choose a few of them for his starting line up. The whole thing felt as if a switch went off in his head and he became fascinated with the stuffed creatures. He is particularly drawn to the animals that are extra soft, squishy and completely huggable. I challenge anyone to find something cuter than a baby hugging a stuffed animal and then burying his face into it.

LTD appears to have chosen Winnie the Pooh as his new best friend. However, Mr. Fat Shark comes in a close second. These two pals don’t yet provided the complete comfort that would make him stop in the middle of a meltdown since he still bats them away like everything else we try. Yet, when he is exhibiting normal behavioral control and we show him Pooh he grabs it and squeezes his face into him. The sight of that, pretty much makes up for any poo I accidentally touched throughout the day.

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