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Hey Jerk, Pick That Up

During the last few weeks LTD has decided it would be fun for him to treat me like a jerk, which I guess I am since I play along. Whenever we are at the table, either at home or out, anything in his hands sails to the ground quickly resulting in my bending over to pick it up and him laughing. I always new that babies play these games, but I was not prepared for just how brutal it can become. I think the real frustration comes from the fact that both he and I know I will pick it up whatever he drops like some sort of daddy version of Sisyphus. The only ray of hope I have is that I put a limit on how many times I will be his helper monkey and it is never more than 10. Thankfully, when I eventually stop playing his torturous game, he doesn’t get upset. Tune in soon for LTD’s adventures as he moves past dropping into throwing.

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