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LTD is on the move. Big time. The days of putting him down going to check something and coming back to find him in the same spot are gone. In addition to his army crawling, which allows him to travel to the dog’s water bowl, he has now focus a lot of his willpower on trying to stand up. To aid him on his quest he has used a useful tool, me. He pushes down on my stomach and stands using his arms to balance on me. Depending on when I last ate, his new technique is quite unpleasant, but you try telling him different. Thankfully, he has moved past the stage where he used his teeth to pull himself up on my stomach and now uses his arms.

A side effect has developed when LTD goes on one of his missions; a side effect that reveals an ugly side to the normally angelic little guy’s nature. He gets pretty angry when you pick him up after he crosses the DMZ into the forbidden areas of the house. The screaming mixed with the squirming makes for a particularly nice time. Like all great explorers he isn’t easily stopped and unlike other great explorers he has discovered the fountain of youth.

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