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Book Review – There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!

Last week, I mentioned a children’s book author by the name of Dr. Seuss and I like him so much I wanted to discuss another book by him. I figure he could use the publicity, so I don’t think that writing about another one of his books so soon after Hop on Pop could do anything but help change his status from unknown author to superstar. The real reason I wanted to discuss 1974’s There’s a Wocket in My Pocket is because of one line in the story. The tale is short and simple, a boy talks about the weird creatures living in his house and about one of the animals he says this: “But that NOOTH GRUSH on my TOOTHBRUSH…Well, some are nice, but he is not.” I challenge anyone not to laugh every time you read that line out loud while looking at the picture.

A little research into the book has revealed something interesting, a little political correctness that in this case is completely unnecessary. According to a source that couldn’t ever possibly be wrong called wikipedia, “The 1996 republish has been edited to remove some of the scarier creatures, including the vug under the rug.” If kids don’t see so-called ‘scary’ images when they are little, things can get disastrous if the first time they see something scary is when they are adults. You need those years to build up a tolerance of horror or the first time you see how much money they took out of your paycheck for taxes would kill you.

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