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Book Review – Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop, first published in 1963, is a book written by largely unknown author and illustrated with a normal name. Okay, so I’m clearly talking about a Dr. Seuss book here and I’m not going to add anything to the mountain of well-deserved praise for the amazing rhymes and art. I will however add that the copy we have is from the sixties and it just gives off a great vibe. I mean the book just feels cool. It’s neat to read a book that is 50 years old that was ahead of its time then and in some ways feels ahead of its time now.

On a separate note, I would like to share the following and instead of going for the obvious joke I will allow you to think up your own at your leisure. “Former First Lady Laura Bush, listed Hop on Pop as her favorite book in a 2006 Wall Street Journal article. ‘It features Dr. Seuss’s typically wonderful illustrations and rhymes, of course, but the main thing for me is the family memory—the loving memory—that the book evokes of George lying on the floor and reading it to our daughters, Barbara and Jenna. They were little bitty things, and they took Hop on Pop literally, and jumped on him—we have the pictures to prove it,’ she wrote.”

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