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Book Review – Blue Hat, Green Hat

Sandra Boynton’s art work is easily recognizable and popular around the globe. She needs no boost from me, however I would like to acknowledge her book Blue Hat, Green Hat, originally published in 1984. The book features four animals per section wearing different articles of clothing of different primary colors. No big deal, right? Well I say yes big deal because in each section the fourth animal, a turkey, screws up and has to say oops. For instance, the elephant says red shirt, the bear says blue shirt, the moose says yellow shirt, but the turkey has to say oops because he tried to put the shirt on like pants.

I know what you’re thinking, this book doesn’t sound like it has much in the way of plot development and while I would agree it is light in the story department I challenge you to find something funnier than a turkey with socks on his hands. At the end of the day your child need to learn the names of colors so why not do it the fun way instead of the painful way the ancient Athamanians did. (If you don’t know why it was painful then trust me you don’t want to know).

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